Roseau River Promenade Construction to Begin Soon


Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph

After three and a half years of careful planning, construction of the Roseau River Promenade is expected to begin in the near future.

Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph, stated, a lot of time was invested before solid work can start, because of the process involved in getting all plans approved.

He mentioned the idea had to be sold to Central Government, who then had to get it approved by the Government. Afterwards, the Government drew a plan that was feasible for the city of Roseau.

Mr. Joseph revealed that presently, they are working on putting a tender out for the construction of the project, to be advertised for a period of thirty days.

When the successful contractor is selected, they will begin work immediately, as they currently have secured EC two million dollars for the first phase of the three phase project.

He added as soon as the first phase is completed, they will be working very hard to ensure the Promenade is built within 2 years.

He said although they may be given priority it will not be everlasting, as one of the conditions of the contract is to meet the standards of the City Council.

Proposed Plan for Food Court at the Roseau River Promenade

Proposed Plan for Food Court at the Roseau River Promenade

If this is not done, the person will be given notice and will be replaced by the next best person that submitted a tender, but was unsuccessful in the first instance.

He said they will be very strict with tenants to ensure the sustainability of the Roseau River Promenade, which is an eight million dollar investment.

Mr. Joseph sends a special Thank You to the Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, for his vital role in sourcing the funds for the project, from the European Union and the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Mayor of Roseau mentioned that the Roseau City Council and Central Government are working in sync to develop the infrastructure of the City.

The greatest advantage of this initiative will be the fact that it will be the property of the city of Roseau.

The construction is expected to begin at the end of April 2013.


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