Ross University hosts White Coat Ceremony

Ross University Student Receiving White Coat

Ross University Student Receiving White Coat

Local and visiting dignitaries, on Friday May 16th, gathered at the Ross University School of Medicine to welcome a new batch of 249 students to the institution with a White Coat ceremony.

The event marked the student’s transition from the study of preclinical to clinical and is an official welcome to the medical profession.

Speaking at the ceremony, Senior Associate Dean at the University, Dr. William Lynn Weaver told the students that there is nothing more essential than good health as he stressed on the importance of their work as medical students.

“We expect you to be doctors from this day on. We expect you to act like doctors, to be professionals, to be ethical, to be honest, to be true to your classmates, just as we expect you to be true and honest and to take care of your patients”, he stressed.

Dr. Paula Wales, Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs further informed the students that the University has one goal in mind – to provide an opportunity for them to execute their dreams of becoming physicians.

According to Wales, the students range from age 19 to 59 with an average GPA of 3.25.

Meanwhile, Former graduate and keynote speaker, Dr. Cheau Williams applauded the newcomers for taking the first step by coming to Dominica.

Ross University was established in Dominica in 1978, the same year that Dominica gained independence.

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