Rotary Club of Dominica Holds Second Annual Hearing Mission


Mr. Terry Daprile, The incoming President for the Rotary Club of Boardman

The rotary club is doing it yet again instituting an annual event which is now in its second year.

A number of privileged Dominicans have already started to benefit from the hearing aid mission organized by the Rotary club.

Mr. Terry Daprile, the incoming President for the Rotary Club of Boardman stated the club is testing from ground zero, ensuring that the process of the hearing mission is done.

He said the need for people to receive assistance for better hearing in the communities initiated the hearing aid mission.

The local Rotary Clubs of Dominica has been working very closely with them to promote the program said Mr. Daprile.

He also expressed gratitude to Ross University who is the main supporter of this Program.

A technician who was trained by Dr. Figliano last year, will be responsible for the patients’ needs after the rotary team from Ohio departs he said.

Mr. Daprile said the testing of hearing is not limited by age, it is for everyone, however they are seeing the children first, due to the limited number of hearing aids.

He stated that turnout at Portsmouth Health Centre was great, they saw 62 people and fitted 44 hearing aids.

Dr. Sheryl Figliano specified what the donations of last year’s mission was used for.

The program has been a success thus far and people have been very receptive to the initiative.

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