Rotary club of Orleans first international project gets underway in Dominica

Training for health professionals, parents and teachers who deal with children living with autism in Dominica, are currently underway, as part of the rotary club of Orleans first international project, which began here last week Friday.


The rotary club of Orleans based in Canada is partnering with the rotary club of Dominica to host an autism spectrum disorder resource consultant, Victoria Storaas, who is currently on island for three weeks to facilitate the training.


Director of the rotary club of Dominica, Mr Paul Frampton told the opening ceremony of the project at the alpha center on Monday, that they are pleased to be working with the rotary club of Orleans, to undertake this timely project.


Carmen Larsen Grijalva, the daughter of Venezuela’s ambassador to Dominica, has been assisting the organization in planning the project.


She said that she was pleased to have identified the alpha center for this important and timely project.


Under this international project, support will be given to the Alpha Center, one of the two schools in Dominica that support mentally disabled children.


Director of the Rotary Club of Orleans is Ms Julia Ginely.


She said that the consultant will also be facilitating a one-day seminar for over 50 health care professionals at the Princess Margaret hospital, next week.


Education Minister, Honorable Petter Saint jean says the government of Dominica welcomes the initiative by the various partners.


The team which also presented the center with a laptop, a printer and a sewing machine which will be used for its sewing programme, also brought library supplies to set up a library cataloguing and circulation system at the Alpha Center.

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