Rotary Club Renovates Mero Public Convenience

Adler Hamlet, Member of the Rotary Club

Adler Hamlet, Member of the Rotary Club

After months of inactivity following damage by inclement weather conditions, the Rotary Club’s Public Convenience in the community of Mero is now fully operational.

Adler Hamlet, Member of the Rotary Club said this facility is like no other, since as they used a two chamber filtration system which filters the waste water before entering the sea.

“The uniqueness about this particular project is that it is called a Wetland Type Project, because all the bacteria will be removed during the filtration process thus making it able to support plant life,” Hamlet explained.

He stated, the project was completed in 2010.

They continue to manage it as they have been unsuccessful in establishing a management structure with the Mero Improvement Committee.

Hamlet said, it was because of the significance of this facility that they realized it was time to get it back operational.

They replaced the pumps of the filtration system, and built an elevated concrete sump intake to protect the system from the sea and sand.

The renovation project was a collaboration of the Rotary and the Rotaract Clubs of Dominica, while the paint for repainting the public convenience was donated by Harris Paints.

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