Rotary quiz competition

In commemoration of the rotary club literacy month, the rotary club of Dominica, held its first ever academic quiz competition.

The quiz first leg, took place on February 9th, with first and second formers, from 8 schools around the island.

It was held in two groups made up of, two representatives of each school.


Students going on to the semi-finals on February 28th says that much effort was put into preparation for the quiz and they plan to use the time between quizzes to rest and revamp for the next round.


In the first group was the Community high school, st. Martin secondary school, Wesley high school and, Dominica grammar school.


The second group was made up of, students of the Isaiah Thomas secondary school, north east comprehensive, Pierre Charles secondary school, and Portsmouth secondary school.


The teams were asked 10 questions each, from a bank of 552 questions which; they had 15 seconds to answer.


The quiz competition had 4 categories; history, mathematics, integrated science and technology and ICT.


Mrs Moreno says that, in the spirit of literacy, the club donated books, to the participating schools, she hopes this will promote reading, in the high school.


The four schools going on to the semi finals are, north east comprehensive school , dominica grammar school, st martin secondary school, and portsmouth secondary school.

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