Ke-sean Peter emerges victorious at round 2 of the DBS Reading Competition

The organizers of the DBS Reading Competition are one step closer to crowning the winning student with the title of “The Best Reader on the island,” at round two of the competition held on Monday June 14th, at the Public Service Union building, Mrs. Windith Henderson, representative for the Ministry of Education, educated the students and individuals present about the importance of reading. A child who goes to school everyday, unable to read will experience self esteem problems. It is human nature to compare ourselves to each other. If you can not read when everyone else around you can, you will begin to see yourself as less adequate. Further, the child who struggles with reading often develops poor attitude towards school.” said Mrs. Henderson. Ke-sean Peter of the St John’s Primary School emerged the winner of round two of the competition with Laurencia Nicholls of the Concord Primary coming in 2nd and Kalida Joseph of the Calibishie Primary School in 3rd. The 4th position was awarded to Selina Victor of the Paix Bouche Primary School and the 5th and 6th position was captured by Samantha Lawrence of the Roosevelt Douglas Primary and Kenny Daniel of the Savanne Paille Primary School respectively. The competition will continue on Wednesday June 16th, 2010.

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