Rounder’s league opening

The president of the Mahaut sports committee and domino club, Mr. Roger Francis has organized the 2nd annual 20/20 rounder’s league competition, to be taken place at the Mahaut Teza field, on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th 2012.


Mr. Francis says two games will be played on Saturday. The first game will commence at 2:30 pm and the other at 5:30 pm. On Sunday, three games will take place. The first game will begin at 10: 30 am, the second game at 2:30 pm and the final game at 5: 30 pm.


The games played at 5:30 will be the night games.

Mr. Francis says last year, only 12 teams took part in this competition however, there are 16 teams this year and expects 20 next year.


He says the public have been very supportive, as well as the sponsors which includes Kubuli, crams, Dr. Dublin, Depex, Iroc and Rayburn Blackmoore.

Mr Francis believes that this competition will train the young ladies and prepare them all for the national league.


He says, it is almost seen as a practice game.

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