Rubbish Issue in Pointe Michel

Residents of Point Michel are calling on the relevant authorities to ensure that they come to pick up garbage on time so it does not pose a problem on the health of villagers.

This request came as the residents are complaining that, there has been garbage left on the side of the road for days now, which have not been collected by the Dominica Solid Waste Management Cooperation (DSWMC).

One concerned resident said that the DSWMC normally collects the garbage on Mondays and Thursdays, but have not done so this week, and dogs are going in the rubbish and spreading it all over the community which is making the already unhealthy situation worst.

She pointed out that this is affecting her business, as customers constantly complain about the foul odor, which she has to routinely spray air freshener in an effort to downplay the odor.

The villager added that when speaking to the truck drivers about the rubbish, some indicated that this occurs when their trucks are broken down, however some said that when government does not pay them, they will not come and collect the rubbish.

Another villager Mr. Kelvin Bazil better known as Kello, who was not pleased with the situation says, this is disgusting and needs to stop.

Mr. Bazil added with a new sea defense wall and new road, the community should be kept clean at all times to compliment the new development that are going on.

He said that this problem is a recurring one, but now it is at its worst and is an eye soar, compared to before where rubbish was thrown on the sea side and people would not see, but right now it is on the road.

Mr. Bazil says some residents spoke to the village council about this issue, who then said they would call Solid Waste about it but nothing has been done to resolve the issue.

He added that the solution is to place a bin in a secluded area which will not be an eye soar, and the residents would throw their rubbish in it, which Solid Waste would have to clear out regularly, rather than on the side of the road which is unhealthy.

However another villager says this situation occurs when the Solid Waste trucks have broken down and they have no means of coming to collect the garbage.

She pointed out that though the villagers know the trucks cannot make it to collect the garbage, they still put the rubbish by the road side which is what causes the problem.

Efforts to contact the Dominica Solid Waste Management Cooperation (DSWMC), for answers on this issue proved futile.

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