Ruins Rock Café Shutting Down This Weekend

We all are familiar with the phrase “All good things must come to an end,” but this unfortunate phrase came to haunt one business owner as he will close his business of almost 10 years on Saturday September 2nd .

Owner of Ruins Rock Café Mr. Serge L’Homme which started his business since 2003 in an abandoned building and grew to become one of the most popular hangout spots for both locals and visitors says it is very sad he will have to close down the business.

Mr. L’Homme indicated that when he got permission to use what looked like a dump to open up his business, it took a lot of work to clean it up and in the first instance removed 45 loads of garbage which increased to 75 when the entire venue was cleaned out.

The business owner added that both of the businesses in the Ruins Rock Café are tourist oriented which includes selling 16 flavors of hot sauces, 29 flavors of spices, 60 flavors of teas and 66 flavors of rum.

He says when the business started growing, to keep up with the high demand for his products; a manufacturing plant was opened where he employs 20 people.

He added that he took this place from nothing and created something unique and special for Dominica, and especially the tourist who visit the island and are looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy something local and different which he did over a nine year period.

After acquiring the property, a letter from the Government indicated that the Tourism Ministry had plans to build a vendor’s arcade to relocate the vendors from the Bay Front, and that he should vacate the property but did not specify a time frame in which to do so.

However the government did serve him with an eviction notice one month ago to vacate the premises by Saturday September 1st, and they will be coming with police officers to ensure he does as instructed.

Mr. L’Homme, says closing down the business will severely affect the families of his employees and the employees themselves, but his family is not immune to the ripple effect as he will also be out of a job as well, and is currently paying off a loan he took for the business.

He purchases spices and products from various farmers island-wide as all of the raw material he uses is purchased locally, so the money generated will circulate in Dominica to contribute to the economy and not go out of the country.

Mr. L’Homme is of the view that the arcade will not be as successful as his Café as most of the vendors are not willing to relocate their stalls from the Bay Front as it will take them away from the visitors.

He also said that the arcade may not attract as many tourists because most of them who visit are aged and physically challenged, therefore accessing the building could be an issue.

L’Homme is originally from La Plaine however he lived in Guadeloupe for a number of years where he learned to make various spices and exotic beverages.


  • Denpen

    We came from England to Dominica and went to Ruins Rock Café in March 2013, we were there for the first time last year so went again this year, he sells the most amazing teas I bought Mango and peppermint to bring home IF I had known how good they were I would have bought several packs more I have never tasted tea so good. I wish I could buy it from the internet but sadly cannot so I need to go back just for the tea.!!!

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