Saint Jean supports a call made by Ron Green for the construction of a secondary school in La Plaine


Minister for Education Honourable Petter Saint Jean says he supports calls made by Senator Ron Green for the construction of a secondary school in the community of La Plaine.


However, he has one condition, and that is if Mr. Green donates five (5) acres of his estate to the cause.


The education Minister says while he believes that Mr. Green’s call is credible, it is important to note that he has failed to identify an area where the school can be located.


He says, “my recommendation to the senator is that he donates five (5) acres of land from the Green’s Estate upon which we would construct this high school since the state does not have any land in La Plaine and the only available are that I can identify is in the Felicite area, on what he calls his agricultural land that is being offered for sale at $15.00 per square foot.”


Mr. Saint Jean says if the former Parliamentary Representative for the La Plaine Constituency is willing to donate five (5) acres of land to the state, he would then hold discussions with the Minister of Finance and ensures that they obtain the necessary resources for the construction of the proposed school.

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