Sales and Services Workshop

In light of the many challenges faced by businesses in the current economic climate, the Caribbean Institute of Leadership and Coaching (CILC) Action COACH hosted a workshop on Tuesday August 21st.

The workshop which was held at the Fort Young Hotel is a series of workshops throughout the Caribbean islands to assist business owners and their sales teams in providing excellent customer service.

Managing Director of CILC Mr. Ian Blanchard says such workshops are very important for the persons in sales to take advantage of.

Mr. Blanchard says in addition they will focus on sales and sales skills, so that employees will have the capability to persuade clients from prospects to being return customers.

The workshop focuses on the persons in the customer service sectors so they can improve their sales and service skills and know how to secure sales more effectively.

Mr. Blanchard pointed out as sales representatives we must be able to manage our emotions while resolving the issue of the clients.

The Managing Director of CILC says such workshops are vital to customer service; however it is up to the individual to take what is learnt back to the workplace to then do a much better job.

The workshop is dubbed “Creating an Xtraordinary Sales and Services Culture.”


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