Salisbury Enhancement Committee Seeks to Urgrade Playing Field

Mr. Kervin Vidal, Chairman of Salisbury Enhancement Committee

The Salisbury Enhancement Committee (SEC) which was formed in 2008, is seeking to enhance its community by embarking on a number of projects.

Chairman of SEC, Mr. Kervin Vidal, says it started out with a community based website in 2007 called Bawi LinkUp, to fill the gap in the community of Salisbury, which was void since 1966.

After the huge success of the Salisbury Reunion, the group decided to embark on community projects that were more urgent.

Due to recent reports and complaints by various sporting enthusiast, SEC saw the need to provide quality sporting facilities and programs for the community.

Mr. Vidal says their latest project is upgrading the playing field to include a retaining wall, backfilling the grounds, resurfacing, fencing, washroom facilities and pavilion and spectator stands.

The committee will be hosting a series of fundraising activities to raise funds for the project.

A raffle of a flat screen TV has begun and will be drawn in December 2012.

Tickets cost five dollars.

SEC is also seeking assistance from private firms, local and international groups, and the Government of Dominica.

The group is encouraging the general public to support the project and all fundraising activities geared towards its successful completion.

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