Salisbury Health Center Receives Donation of Medical Supplies


Salisbury Health Center: Salisbury Residents

The Salisbury Health Centre is now better equipped, as it received a donation of medical supplies from two of its residents, who now resides abroad.

The contribution, which was donated on Wednesday August 7th, included adult diapers, bandages, aprons, alcohol prep pads, suction bulbs, and sodium chloride among others.

This was made possible thanks to the kind work of Mrs. Catherine Karam-Louis, who now resides in the United States, and who has been making significant donations to the Health Centre for a number of years.

Mrs. Louis forwarded the thanks to her husband, Mr. Skeyer David Louis of England, who she said made it all possible.


some of the products donated

She said it is very important to help each other, so the community will be much better for future generations.

Mr. Louis stated this idea of donating to the health centre, came to mind during their visit to Dominica for the Salisbury Reunion celebrations, when he had to take his mother to the Health centre for treatment.

In recognition of her donation to the health centre, Mrs. Louis was presented with a plaque on behalf of the staff.

The Salisbury community also received a donation of sports supplies from Mr. Davidson John of Salisbury, who resides in England.

Parliamentary Representative of the Morne Rachette and Salisbury Constituency, Honourable Hector John, presented the sports equipment on behalf of Mr. Davidson John.

Mr. John said although small, this contribution will go a long way in keeping young children off the streets, and engaged in playing sports at the school.


Mrs. Catherine Karam-Louis

Some of the supplies were for cricket, football, and badminton.

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