Salisbury Parl Rep Continues to Share his Concerns for the Repairing of Salisbury Roads


Example of one of the Salisbury Roads

Salisbury Parliamentary Representative Honourable Hector John, continues to share his concerns for the repair of Salisbury roads, which according to him, is in a deplorable condition.

Mr. John commended the Salisbury residents, who turned out in large numbers on Sunday August 4th, to repair the Salisbury Village Road.

He added, that it was a community effort – the materials were all purchased by the villagers.

“The Farm Access Roads in the heights of Salisbury are deplorable”, he stressed.

Mr. John informed, that most individuals are struggling to access their farms, due to the poor conditions of the roads.

According to the concerned and frustrated Parl Rep, in certain areas of Salisbury, the rivers are actually undermining the roads.

He says once again, he feels like he is literally begging the Government to assist them.

He said National Budget has not accommodated for the access roads within the Salisbury Constituency, which is sadly disturbing.


Salisbury Parliamentary Representative,Honourable Hector John

Mr. John says the two key income generating areas in agriculture and tourism are being affected.

The entire Salisbury Community is affected, he stated.

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