Salisbury Resident Wants Perpetrators Of Alleged Attempted Kidnapping To Face Justice

One Salisbury resident still cannot believe what she saw on the afternoon of Sunday January 12th 2014.

movies-1The resident, who spoke on a local radio talk show on the morning of Monday January 13th 2014, noted that a group of men who came to the village in various vehicles circled the community for some time, before coming to a stop.

According to her, four men exited a Nissan X-Trail jeep and entered the home of a young man, claiming they were in pursuit of their bikes that were stolen.

The young man was not present and so they went to another young man’s home, where they met his mother, who questioned them on their interest.

She was pushed aside by the men who stated that they came for their bikes.



The individual’s story gave in depth details of an attempted kidnapping in the community that Sunday afternoon.

According to the eye witness, after the young man resisted being drug away into the vehicle, he was assisted by his sister.

His sister came running to his rescue; pulling unto her brother and wrestling with the man who was attempting to place him into the vehicle.

She said the residents of Salisbury, who quickly reported the matter to the police, are very concerned by this incident.

The eye witness noted, had it not been for the sister of the young man who intervened, the group of young men would have left with him.

She said the families of the young men are in fear of their lives as a result of this incident.

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