Salybia Police Station undertake a beautification project

While many persons may think that the job of the police is only to mitigate crime and maintain law and order, for this officer, it is more than just that.


Corporal Thomas Coipel, who is in charge of the Salybia Police Station, is being commended for his initiative in undertaking a beautification project in the vicinity of the police station in Salybia.


Corporal Coipel told SAT TV news that he has been collecting used tyres from all over the island, for this important project, and although it has proven to be a timely process, he was able to complete the project despite his regular policing duties.


He said that a few residents in the community, as well as the Carib Village Council was supportive of the project.


It is interesting to note that his love and passion for natural beauty did not just stop there.


He also used the opportunity to donate some of the designed tyres to a number of schools and institutions in the north east of the island, to undertake similar beautification projects.


Of course, we too, would like to commend Corporal Coipel for undertaking such a project, an initiative we think that other officers can definitely pattern upon.

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