San Sauveur Farmers Recognized

female farmer recognized for work in farming

female farmer recognized for work in farming

Fourteen female farmers from San Sauveur, Good Hope and Petite Soufriere were on Wednesday June 4th 2014 recognized for their hard work in the field of agriculture.

They are Marcielline Antoine, Marietta Laurent, Theresa Lawrence, Royette Seraphine, Stephanie Seraphine, Vignette Toussaint, Rosiette James, Edmay Titre, Christina Titre, Martha Toussaint, Roselyn Seraphine, Isaline Durand, Yvonne Laurent and Monique Charles.

During a ceremony at the San Sauveur Primary School, they were supplied with farm inputs, seeds and tools to continue their hard work.

Parliamentary Representative for the Castle Bruce Constituency, Johnson Drigo described the women as hard workers.

He advised the farmers that they should be proud of their achievements while urging them to continue their hard work.

The farmers received certificates from the Ministry of Agriculture and a gift certificate of EC$200 from Agri Sales and Services

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