SAT launches its Digital Services unrolling the cheapest rates on the Island

On Wednesday evening, SAT Telecommunications Limited unveiled a series of New Digital Services which includes Cable Television, Internet and Telephone Services, at the Fort Young Hotel under the theme POWERUPX3, with Internet Service offered as low as EC$25.00.


Chief Executive Officer of SAT Telecommunications Limited, Mr Marlon Alexander said that these new services fall in line with government’s dream to provide universal Telecommunications access to all Dominicans, and not just a selected few.


The internet will be provided at five different speeds: you can relax and live up with WARMUP at 256KB, browse easy with BREEZY at 1.5MB, unravel the marvel with MARVERICK at 3MB, no lag, no fuss with JETSTREAM at 4MB and WARPDRIVE at 6MB guarantees ultimate power.


A number of new Cable Television packages including family, sports, Video on Demand and entertainment packages are also available to all existing and new customers.


Director of Telecommunications, Mr Sylvester Cadette said that these new services launched by SAT Telecommunications Ltd compliments the ICT program which is currently on stream in Dominica.


SAT Telecommunications Ltd, which holds the prestigious title of the only local Cable Television provider on the island, also boasts of being financed and staffed locally.


General Manager of the AIDBANK, Mr Kingsley Thomas said that the AID Bank is proud to have contributed to the company’s investment as they seek to develop the Telecommunications sector in Dominica.


Representative for the Prime Minister Honorable Dr. Kenneth Darroux complimented the company as he said that the new services are consistent with Government’s effort to bring equal access to Telecommunication Services to all Dominicans.


Guest performances at Wednesday’s launching included the Q Talent search winner Asher Thomas, the Sisserou Singers, the Waitukubuli Dance Theatre Company and the reigning calypso King Gregory ‘Karessah’ Riviere.


Ten loyal customers who have been with the company since its inception were also recognized for their valued patronage. While the price for the loyalty package will remain at $46, customers can also receive smaller packages at reduced prices under the bronze, silver and gold packages.


Other packages will include sports, family, entertainment, movie and international packages.

Registration is now open to customers to sign up for the internet and telephone packages.


Feel free to talk with any of SAT’s customer service representatives for further information on the various packages.


© 2012 SAT Telecommunications Ltd.

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