Sat Telecommunications Ltd headlines Sidewalk Wivé

Digital Vybez along with presenting sponsors, SAT Telecommunications Ltd and the Dominica Beverage and Brewery Limited is sounding the alarm that all gears are in tact for the first ever ‘Sidewalk Wivé ’ event, scheduled for February 19th, 2011 at J.R’s Bar and Grill in Roseau.


According to Digital Vybez’s Manager, Alvin Alexander, preparations have been finalized for the versatile and energetic Bouyon band, to heighten the carnival spirit with this new event.


The fourteen-member band formed in Petite Savanne some two years ago, has taken its goal to re-configure the style and quality of entertainment in Dominica, as they seek to provide quality entertainment to Dominicans.


The band recently launched its mixed tape in Antigua, Barbados and Dominica.


Band leader, Clement Moise says patrons can expect a great presentation at Sidewalk Wivé on February 19th.


The event is ear-marked to feature partner groups such as the exotica costume band, the 2011 carnival princess contestants of the Ms Princess Silverlake, and other individual groups and personalities.


Jemma Jervier of Exotica international says that patrons will be able to register to join the band at Sidewalk Wivé.


Other sponsors for the event include Loubiere Spring Water, Kairi Malt, Guiness Stout, Grand bazaar and Appleton Rum.


Sidewalk Wivé will begin at 5:00pm and is expected to break at 8:00pm, to continue with more promotions after the 2011 Calypso Monarch Semifinals.

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