Save The Children Fund Hosts Open Day

Day Care

Day Care

In an interview with Mrs. Doreen Francis, Director of Dominica’s Save the Children Fund Program, on Friday 17th May, she stated, the association is celebrating 50 years of work on the Island that commenced from 1963 to present, 2013.

The idea, she said, is to give the general public an insight into the work of the fund.

This includes providing facilities for early childhood development, including the establishment of the Mahaut Day Nursery, which is completely run and supervised by the Dominica Save the Children Fund.

Mrs. Francis spoke of the newly concluded sponsorship program which allowed for assistance with high school education, for a child whose parents could not afford to send them to high school.

Save The Children Fund Sign

Save The Children Fund Sign

Sponsors came from Canada, Britain and Switzerland over a period of 5 years. She noted that most of the children under this program are now quite successful.

Mention was made of Inspector Claude Weekes and Lawyer Joshua Francis, two individuals who benefited from the program.  All except one of the members that make up the Board of Directors of the fund are also previous sponsored children.

She hopes that in future those who have benefited will help those who need assistance later on.

On Sunday, May 26th at 3 p.m. the association will host a staff and volunteer appreciation day.





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