School Teachers Benefit from Numeracy Workshop


Ms. Laurie Sealy, facilitator of the three day numeracy workshop

Teachers are being urged to keep trying, keeping looking, and be creative while brainstorming new ways in which they can better disseminate information to their students.

This was the advice of Ms.  Laurie Sealy, an Educator from Barbados who is the facilitator of a three day numeracy workshop, that will focus on the improvement of mathematics skills.

Ms. Sealy pointed out that throughout the workshop, the teachers shed light on the issue regarding the lack of materials.

She said anything can be used to bring their point across in addition to practical materials.

Another issue was the fact that some students learn a lot slower than other making it difficult for the teachers as these students do not have the foundational skills a teacher can use to build on or develop.

In such cases she noted, the teachers would have to take steps backwards, to build up these slow students foundation then move forward.

She mentioned, the teachers’ attitude throughout the workshop thus far has been very positive, and some stated they wish it was for a longer duration with more practical examples.

Ms. Sealy stated change takes time and involves many steps, however, it is her hope that there are one or two steps for each individual teacher so there are things that resonate with them, that can be used in their classrooms.

Doing this will be beneficial to their students as the learning is up to them with the aid of their teachers.

Ms. Leandra Laidlow, Learning Support Advisor for Mathematics in the Ministry of Education stated, this this workshop was also important, as there are new editions to text books for teachers.

Ms. Laidlow says, teachers from the lower and upper primary schools are the participants of this workshop in addition to the Managers of the Maths curriculum in the secondary schools.

She noted thus far a lot of information has been disseminated, where the teachers learned new techniques for teaching while being refreshed on existing methods.

The goal at the primary school level is to ensure that all students are both literate and numerate, and to ensure a seamless transition to secondary school.

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