Science fair at the Orion Academy

The Orion Academy, hosted its first science fair at the school’s campus in bath estate on February 16th.


Principal of the orion academy, Mrs. Jamie Sorhaindo said that the fair was student oriented and promoted students taking responsibility of their education.


There were five science projects from the dominica grammar school that included a potato powered clock, a blinking room light and home made perfume.


The Orion Academy put forth 12 projects with 6 done by first formers, 2 by third formers and 1 by the second formers.


These projects included behavioral science studies such as ‘are girls better at multi-tasking than boys’ and ‘the effects of breakfast on students performance’


Miss Kellyne George, the science teacher at the orion academy says that it is hoped that the fair will encourage students to be more engaged in and show a greater interest in science.


The award for most socially relevant project went to homemade security’ by

Dominica grammar school students: clem francis and kevin bryan.


The 1st place prize was won by ‘angles of solar panels influence the amount of solar energy received’ by first form students of the orion academy adia defoe, nirvana jones-armour and meghan st hilaire.


In 2nd place was the bottle rocket by Dennis Lin, Siedah Charles, Tricia Lastres and Merissa Norris of the Orion Academy.


Nathan Loerner and shane nassief won 3rd place with their project does the type of sand affect the durability of the brick.

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