Scores of students recognized at the 2009/2010 18th Annual Schools Sports Awards Ceremony

Sports coordinator Mr. Trevor shillingford is encouraging school authorities and parents to allow their students and children to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded to them through sports.


Mr. Shillingford made this appeal at the 18th Annual Schools Sports Awards ceremony on July 3rd, 2010 at the Public Service Training Center. The ceremony was held under the theme ‘building bodies and minds through sports participation.


“The message in this year’s theme is clear. Through sports participation one can build a health body which will result in building a healthy mind. We are happy to note several examples of this theme which was evident in several graduation ceremonies held during the academic year. We had several valedictorians that were sports enthusiasts”, Shillingford noted.


Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau Central Constituency, Honorable Norris Prevost said that the impact of building healthy bodies and minds is critical, as it will not only impact positively on this generation, but many generations to come.


“You are building bodies and minds for a greater purpose than yourself. That greater purpose is to build healthy families and healthy communities, so as you pursue your journey in building bodies and minds keep that in mind, the ultimate greater purpose, yes for you…but for your country too. There are people who refer to you as the leaders of tomorrow; you are the leaders of your generation right now”, said Prevost.



Mayor of Roseau, His Worship Cecil Joseph encouraged the sports enthusiasts to eat healthy and remain drug-free.


“Just look at Usain Bolt…when they asked him what he ate, he said ‘yam’. I am saying to you that you should eat your ground provisions as much as you can and avoid food with many calories which will make you unhealthy. You should also remain drug-free if you are to realize your sporting dreams”, said Joseph.

Featured speaker and former windward island cricketer, Darwin Telemacque told the sportsmen and women to continue pursuing their dreams in becoming professionals in whatever sports they desire. He encouraged them to use this awards ceremony as a motivator in reaching their sporting goals.


Awards were presented in the fields of football, netball, cricket, table tennis, athletics, volleyball and basketball.

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