Scotts Head Resident Fine $2000 for Drug Related Offence

drug_crimesJess Johnson of Scotts Head has one year to pay a $20,000 fine for a drug related offence.

Johnson, Cecil Tavernier and McCarthy Pemberton also of Scotts Head were jointly charged for possession of cannabis and intent to distribute 5,550 grams of cannabis with a street value of $12,100.

Both Pemberton and Tavernier pleaded not guilty to both charges while Johnson pleaded guilty.

The facts stated that at about 10 p.m. on May 5th 2014, members of the police task force were on patrol at Scotts Head when they observed two individuals with black plastic bags approaching a boat named “My Father Own” on sea.

The boat was brought to shore and a number of plastic bags were loaded unto it.

Police approached the boat and called on the men to remain still but they attempted to flee and were quickly apprehended.

Examination of the vessel revealed bags of what appeared to contain cannabis and a red plastic pail containing two plastic bags and a plastic wrapping of the same drug.

Johnson told police that they belonged to him and that he was on his way to Martinique.

Ronald Charles who mitigated on Johnson’s behalf said he was a fisherman but lately fish had been very hard to come by.

He added that his client was very remorseful for his actions and embarrassed.

Chief Magistrate Candia George told the defendant however, because of the quantity of the drug the situation could not be treated lightly.

The fine for intent to supply the drug is to be paid by April 30th, 2015 or in default Johnson will spend 6 months in prison.

There was no separate penalty for possession of the drugs.

The prosecution offered no evidence against Pemberton and Tavernier and the charges were withdrawn.

The prosecution also made an application for the forfeiture of the boat and a hearing was set for August 8th 2014, to allow boat owner Sampson Czar to show cause why his boat should not be forfeited.



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