Sea Hawk Productions to produce its first feature film in Dominica


Sea Hawk Productions, a liability Company will soon produce its first feature film, "Rising Caribbean Tides – The Sea Hawk;" which is based on the book “The Sea Hawk” written by Dr. Juliana Magloire.


“Rising Caribbean Tides – The Sea Hawk” is to be filmed in Dominica using Dominican cast,;a cast that is not only familiar with the experience but is passionate about the story thus contributing to the authenticity of the drama.


The Movie like the book is set in Dominica and depicts not just the Dominican, but also Caribbean experience of the sea and its importance in the day-to-day life of the people.


The movie is a feature-length action drama of that experience as lived by Bo, a sea Captain, his adventures at sea, and the impact of that experience on the life of his Community.


The author Dr. Juliana Magloire is originally from the Commonwealth of Dominica. She currently holds a doctorate in International Relations, a masters Degree in Translation and is fluent in five (5) various languages. She currently teaches Spanish and International Relations at Strayer University in Washington D.C. Along with her career as an author/self publisher, Dr. Magloire does academic as well as creative writing.

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