Sea Turtles Season

Turtle lovers can look forward to a free tour, site viewing and witness the sea turtles nesting on April 21st.


President of the Nature Enhancement Team Mr. Simon George says, it is important to protect the Sea Turtles whilst they nest. Mr. George believes the main task is taking care of the Sea Turtles habitats.


He says it is vital to safe guard the eggs, since the Atlantic Coast where the Sea Turtles nest, suffers from beach erosion.


Consultant of the Nature Enhancement Team Judy Joyce says, on Earth Day the team will do a major clean up of the rivers, streams and beaches for the Sea turtles.


Ms. Joyce says the Sea Turtles often mistake plastic bottles for Jelly Fish.

The Nature Enhancement team is encouraging the public to come out for a free tour.


Ms. Joyce added that, people who are interested have the opportunity to adopt a Sea Turtle after a small donation and will receive a certificate as confirmation.


Mr. George says not only does this provide employment for the youth, it also creates an outstanding experience for tourists.




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