Sean Douglas fired as press secretary by the Labour Party Government- men and women whom he have toi


Government Press Secretary Sean Douglas is confident that he will recover from the great ordeal of being dismissed as Government’s Press Secretary, and he vowed to remain totally committed to the ideals of the founding fathers of the Dominica Labour Party. Sean who has held the post for the past nine years received his dismissal letter on July 12th, 2010 signed by Cabinet Secretary Felix Gregoire, who cited the refusal to sign a one-year contract for a period which expired in January 2009, as the reason for Sean’s’ dismissal. Douglas, who does not wish to expound on the matter as he is still carrying his duties as Government Press Secretary said that the contract offered was for January 26th, 2009 to January 26th, 2010, and questioned why he was being offered a contract so late. Al though he has been working without a contract for 18 months, he believes that his refusal to sign the contract was not the real reason behind his dismissal. However, Cabinet Secretary Felix Gregoire said that in essence, Sean was not really fired by government, as he was the one who failed to renew his contract. The termination will be effective on August 13th, 2010. Douglas has been employed in that position for the past nine years, ever since he took up the role after the death of his late uncle, Former Prime Minister Roosevelt Douglas.

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