Second Annual Sol-Gas Summer Camp Open Today


The principal of the Goodwill Primary School, Mrs. Miriam Lewis, said that she is elated that the Goodwill Primary School will host the 2nd annual Sol-Gas Camp this year.


She made this statement at the opening ceremony of the Sol-Gas Summer Camp today, July 12th, where she also shared what the camp is expected to be like this year.


This year the programme will run under the theme, “Power Up our Life with Sol”.


Marketing Director of H.H.V Whitchurch, Mr. Jason Aird said that he is delighted to see that an additional 20 students will be participating in the camp this year.


In total, approximately 55 students are expected to be a part of the programme this year. Mr. Aird said that hosting the Sol-Gas summer camp is only a small contribution back to the community.


Mrs. Lewis said that the programme last year has really benefited her students and she is looking forward to the camp this year.


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