Security Firm Says Holiday Season; A Relatively Crime Free One


Mr. Parkinson Parrilon, employee of Delta Force Security Service Unit

According to one security firm, the holiday season has been a relatively crime free one.

This comes from Mr. Parkinson Parrilon, an employee of Delta Force Security Service Unit, who worked this past holiday season to keep Dominican businesses safe.

He says that business was good and he saw very few incidences where he needed to exert any force.

He thinks that Dominica is a great place to work as a security officer.

Delta Force Security Services Unit is a growing security firm in Dominica, who are a group of young men who have military background and are looking to find gainful self-employment in these hard economic times.

Mr. Parillon used the holiday season to sharpen his skills in security work in Dominica.

He has also worked in the United States.

Being a former scout, his motto is to protect property at all times.

He wishes that more people would hire security officers for their homes especially.

Mr. Parilon says burglar bars can go a long way in securing one’s home.

They are asking the public to help them in growing their business by having security for their homes or businesses.


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