Security Officers Benefit From Training Workshop

A number of security officers are now better equipped to carry out their duties as they were present for a training workshop.

The workshop which took place on Sunday August 19th was organized by the Manager of Kings Garments, Mr. Petit Louis Acceus due to the increase of crime and violence so the officers will have a clear understanding of what is expected of them when encountering these situations.

The workshop which was facilitated by Inspector Desmond Austrie was also to provide officers with information on how to secure buildings, observe behaviours of suspicious workers and patrons across the environment amongst others.

Inspector Austrie who has been a police officer for the past 34 years says although security officers do not have the high authority as a police officer, they do have a very important task which must be respected by the public.

The Inspector added that the only reason such things are not occurring is because of the presence of security guards.

He advised the security officers to be alert at all times while on the job, while reminding them on the importance of wearing their uniform so their presence can be seen be all especially would be criminals.

Inspector Austrie reminded the officers how important it is for them to document their observations about the environment each day when attending to and leaving work, which could prove vital in the event an incident occurs so they can protect themselves.

He said that although securities have a duty to protect the business they are assigned to, there are times where they will be faced with situations where they are overpowered and it is during these life or death situations they must not try to be heroes, since they could be killed and their children are left without a father.

The Inspector went on to advise the security guards to take their jobs very seriously.

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