Seeing is the Only Thing the Blind Can’t Do

Sixteen year old Loik Charles has not allowed his inability to see, deter him from performing various daily tasks.


Mrs. Rosemund Gordon Leblanc, Loik’s mother said that although certain things are a challenge for him, she teaches him to do everything.


Loik attends the St. Mary’s Academy, where he will be a forth former in the new school year.


Mrs. Leblanc ensures that she helps him to complete his homework and other assignments, and in cases where she is unable to, she seeks help from other sources for him.


He also studies on his own using a program on his computer. In addition to using the computer to study, Loik prints documents and also burns cds for people.


Loik intends to break another record in 2013 when he writes the Caribbean examinations (CXC).


When asked about his future plans he stated that he might go to college and to get married and have children.


Mrs. Leblanc hopes that Loik’s story will be an encouragement to others.


Written by Gail Sharplis

© 2012 SAT Telecommunications Ltd.

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