Senator Ron Green challenges Honourable Petter Saint Jean


Leader of the Oppostion United Workers Party Senator Ron Green believes that recent statements made by the Minister of Education and Parliamentary Representative for the La Plaine Constituency Honourable Petter Saint Jean in his support  is just a mere joke.


Earlier this month, Saint Jean told parliament that he supports calls made by Senator Ron Green for the construction of a secondary school in the community of La Plaine.


However, he had one condition, that Mr. Green donates five (5) acres of his estate to the cause, since the state does not own any land in La Plaine and the only available area that he could identify for the construction of the proposed school is in the Felicite area, on what Mr. Green calls his agricultural land that is being offered for sale at $15.00 per square foot.”


However, Mr. Green Says that while he is happy that Honourable Petter Saint Jean was listening to the proceedings of the People’s Parliament where he reiterated a call which he had made several years ago for the construction of a secondary school in the community of La Plaine, he is of the opinion that Saint Jean’s statements are not genuine.


"I think he is trying to make a mockery of the call because up to this very moment he has not consulted with me," exclaimed Green.


Senator Green called on Saint Jean to do his research by referring to the archives of the Ministry of Education where he will discover that negotiations had in fact commence in 1999, to acquire  land directly below the Agricultural Training Centre in La Plaine, which is not part of the Green’s Estate.


He went on to challenge Mr. Saint Jean by asking him to consult with the Minister of Finance to obtain funds from the $27 Million that have been set aside for the construction of the State Palace to purchase the land and create the much needed school, if he is truly in support of the proposal .


"The students of the south east not just La Plaine but students from Delice all the way to Grand Fond have been suffering since they are the only students on the island who have to travel three hours a day to get to school and back by bus."


The senator says " this has resulted in low performances and also disciplinary issues which the Principals of the various schools can attest to."

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