Sensé se pa Zordiz

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The collaborative efforts of a number of organizations, with one common interest, culminated in an exhibition, which shouts positive action.

With the closing of Tourism Awareness Month in May 2011, and the commencement of Environmental Health Month, in June 2011, Dominica is taking its environment seriously and taking action to prove it.

As part of the Environmental Health Month, DOWASCO, together with the Ministry of Health, Dominica Solid Waste Cooperation and a number of Primary and Secondary Schools and other partnering companies, an outdoor exhibition was hosted at the River Bank, on Friday June 17th 2011.

The exhibition displayed items ranging from new “Smart Bins” to be launched by the Dominica Solid Waste Cooperation, as part of the “Adopt a Block” initiative aimed at businesses in Roseau who will be asked to purchase a street bin for their block.

Mr. Jeno Jacob, Public Relations Officer and Recycling Coordinator for DSWMC introduced the company’s new mascot “Sensé se pa Zordiz” and commented that DSWMC is poised and ready for action in maintaining Dominica as the nature Isle of the Caribbean.

Representing the Environmental Health Department, Ms. Tassey Thomas, a Senior Environmental Health Officer, commented that among other things, the department is promoting food safety, through the use of thermostatic food warmers, to keep food at correct temperatures for retail, thus avoiding the contamination or poisoning of prepared foods.

Ms Thomas, commented that many persons are expected to visit the exhibition as part of the Environmental Health week, but all persons are called upon to play their part in promoting and maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

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