Seventeen Participants Receive Certificates after Six Week Journalism Course


Miss Polly Pattullo, Course Facilitator

Seventeen participants of the six week journalism course held at the Dominica State College, all received their certificates of participation at a small but meaningful ceremony on March 12th 2013.

Dr. Donald Peters, President of the Dominica State College said he is pleased that the college is meeting its obligation of educating adult and traditional learners.

He said the challenges of being a journalist in Dominica are to write factual stories which have meaning and the encounter of the digital and technical world.

Dr. Peters urged participants to be accurate, informative and challenge peoples thought processes.

Miss Polly Pattullo, a very experienced facilitator in the field of journalism said; when she started in journalism she wanted to transform the world, by writing stories that changed the status quo.

She gave great advice by urging readers to trust journalists, to present balanced, truthful and accurate accounts of a story.

Miss Pattullo said though the course was far too short she hopes that participants can disseminate what they learned to colleagues and boss’s alike.

One of the participants of the course Mr. Larry Larocque said, though he is a practicing journalist the program was very stimulating, beneficial and contributed to his writing skills.


Dr. Donald Peters, President of the Dominica State College

It is Mr. Larocque’s hope that the course will be held for a longer period in future, with the aim that participants attain ranks at regional and international level.

Mr. Brian Meade, Chairman of the Board of Governors said in 1968 he worked as a broadcaster and received a salary of only a hundred dollars a month.

Mr. Meade said in his career as a broadcaster they followed basic mandatory rules in news reporting.

Journalists need to keep themselves informed in order to write about the issues and events happening around the world Mr. Mead stated.


One of the participants of the course, Mr. Larry Larocque

He expressed his delight for the introduction of the course and hopes it provides a catalyst, for the introduction of a full time Associates Degree course in Mass Communication and journalism at the Dominica State College (DSC).

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