Sexual Matters Dominate May Criminal Assizes

Sexual Offences Dominate May Criminal Assizes

Sexual Offences Dominate May Criminal Assizes

Twelve matters of a sexual nature will make the cause list in the May Criminal Assizes, which opened at the High court in Roseau on Wednesday May 14th, just two weeks after the close of the January Criminal Assizes.

Five of these matters were traversed from the January Criminal Assizes and will be given priority for hearing.

During today’s arraignment, one man pleaded guilty to having unlawful sexual connection and indecently assaulting a 9 year old boy in a northern community between November 30, 2012 and May 7, 2013.

A charge of buggery was also read to him for which he pleaded not guilty and that charge was withdrawn by the Director of Prosecution, Evelina Baptiste.

A psychiatric evaluation and pre-sentence report has been ordered and the accused will reappear in court on June 2nd to be sentenced.

Other sexual matters making up the list include; incest, gross indecency, and unlawful sexual connection.

Jhwani Gage, Edgar Peltiere and Arah Davis who were charged for money laundering, are still awaiting a decision by High Court judge Justice Thomas to determine whether their matter will proceed to trial.

Other matters on the Cause List include theft, burglary, causing death by reckless driving, causing death by dangerous driving and wounding with intent.

A case of causing grievous bodily harm against Anthony Marshall will be the first matter for trial in this Assizes on May 19th.

Justice Birnie Stephenson will preside over the assizes.

The State is being represented by the DPP assisted by state attorneys Fernillia Felix and Sherma Dalyrmple.



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