Shanice Langford Emerges Winner in ‘Shat Out Violence’ Song Comepition

Shanice Langford

Nineteen year old, Shanice Langford from Newtown emerged winner of the Youth Division’s ‘Shat Out Violence’ Song Competition at the Arawak House of Culture on September 26th, 2012.

One of SAT’s very own, Marvin ‘Masiah’ Jervier of Scott’s Head, emerged first runner up in the Youth Division’s ‘Shat Out Violence’ Song Competition.

The audience was estatic about his performance.

Marvin ‘Masiah Jervier

Although he felt like number one, he was happy that Shanice came out as the winner.

Since rap music is what most people his age group listen to, he wanted to use that as a way to get a positive message across that the violence has to go.

He is grateful for the support from his coworkers, family and friends who were all present at the


You can find his song here.

Another of the great performances was True Chatta out of Capuchin, with a song called ‘Me tired’.

Other performances were by Kishon Florent of Castle Bruce, Kurtley Christopher of Fond Cole and Segal Stevens of Grand Fond.

Ms. Langford received $3000 cash and Masiah walked away with $1500.

Congratulations to all the performers for sending out a positive message!

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