Sherman Webb Found Guilty of Murder

Sherman Webb

The parents of the decease Corey Poleon can sleep a little easier after the trial of Sherman Webb ended on june 22nd.

A jury of 9(5 women and men), found Sherman Webb guilty of murder of Corey Rohan Poleon, in the first degree.

The trial which began last Wednesday, June 13th, heard the testimonies of 13 witnesses including inspector matthew Cuffy, corporal Jeffrey james and police constable Scotland. They also heard the reports of persons who did the autopsy on the deceased.

Sherman webb was accused of killing Barbadian Corey Poleon between 31 august 2009 and 18 march 2010 when police dug up his remains in the heights of elmshall.
The murder was only discovered on March 18th 2010, when Webb who was incarcerated for another matter stopped inspector Cuffy and said that he had to “clear his head”.

He then confessed that he had killed and buried Corey Poleon in the heights of Elmshall.

Mr. Webb then took the officers to the scene of the crime and showed them where the body had been buried and the events of that night.
The deceased was last seen by his brother in Barbados on august 31st 2009, and entered Dominica the same day. He met up with Sherman in Dominica.

The two men met at the botanical gardens in early September 2009 and proceeded to walk to a blue house at river clear in Elmshall .

When they got there they were said to have performed a ritual so that Poleon could obtain a guardian spirit. The demon asteroth was said to be present.

During the ritual he got scared and upon opening his eyes, he could see the whites of Corey’s eyes. Filled with fright, he hit Corey with the back of a cutlass on his neck and Corey fell to the ground.

Autopsy reports found that Poleon had suffered lacerations to his neck and received blows to the back right side of his head.

After Corey fell to the ground, and Webb saw that he was dead he removed all of corey’s clothes. Since Webb had past altercations with the law he was scared of what the police would do to him so he hid the body.

He dug up the floor boards of the house they were in, and dug a hole in which he placed corey’s naked lifeless body and replace the floor boards.

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