Shernia Edwards reads news for DBS

Shernia Edwards read the afternoon news on Saturday 8th of October for the Dominica broadcasting station (DBS).

She was the winner of the annual reading competition organized by the Dominica broadcasting station and ministry of education.

Felix Henderson who initiated the reading competition was pleased to see the young lady reading the news. he encouraged parents to remember the importance of reading and to take the time to read with their children.

Ms.Edwards is grateful to everyone who assisted her in one way or another.

Confident reader Shernia Edwards said she had long hours of practice and is excited to be the winner of the reading competition. her advice to young people was and i quote “read today for a brighter future tomorrow”.

She will represent Dominica in the organization of eastern Caribbean states (OECS) reading competition.

The reading competition have thus far been receiving very good feedback from the general public.

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