Shooting Incident in Canefield

footage (4)The police are carrying out investigations into a shooting incident which occurred about 4:35 am on December 25, 2012 in the vicinity of The Cove at Canefield.

Albert Stevens and Arthur Bozel of Goodwill and Carlos Nicholas of Grand Bay are presently nursing gunshot wounds.

Mr Stevens sustained wounds to his bottom and stomach, while Mr Bozel sustained wounds to his bottom and groin, and Mr Nicholas sustained a wound to his lower back.

They are all said to be in stable conditions.

Many patrons who were at the venue when the shooting started, said they were enjoying themselves when all of a sudden they found themselves docking for cover while others frantically tried to flee to avoid being shot.

One patron stated this senseless act of violence endangered so many innocent citizens who were unaware of what was going on.

Another angry patron said if there was police presence at the Cove this shooting incident could have been easily avoided.

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