Should Education be Privatized?

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Vice President of the Caribbean Union of Teachers, Celia Nicholas

Vice President of the Caribbean Union of Teachers, Celia Nicholas is concerned over talk to privatize education in the Region.

Mrs. Nicholas says many students throughout the Caribbean will be deprived from gaining an education, if the move becomes a reality.

She explained the Union is afraid that good quality education will just be a privilege for a few children.

It also means that if parents or the state do not have the money only a small proportion of our children will get the type of education that they deserve.

She said privatization of education is becoming more popular; however, it comes at a cost.

Mrs. Nicholas is concerned over the amount of parents and students who will be able to meet the cost of private schools.

Meanwhile the Union passed several resolutions at its 36 bi-annual conference in Guyana, this month.

The first resolution passed was the violence and zero tolerance for violence against teachers, the SBA Components of the CXC Examinations, where further discussions will be held with the registrar and the Ministry of Education across the Caribbean.

The third resolution dealt with the professionalization of the teaching profession concerning the teaching councils.

There were also three standing committees: Finance, Culture and Sports with two being headed by representatives from Dominica.

Ms.Isabelle Apprentice will represent the finance committee, while Mr. Francis Jno Lewis represents culture.

The 37th Bi-annual conference will be held in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

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