Showdown Mas Camp Competition Gets off to a Good Start

Trendsetter Performing “Espoir Mal Pa Pai.”

Trendsetter Performing “Espoir Mal Pa Pai.”

After a two delay due to rain, Pat Aaron’s Showdown Mas Camp kicked off at its new venue on the grounds of the Public Service Union (PSU), on Sunday January 13th.

Calypsonian Triumph started the show with his song titled “Progress” which warmed up the crowd, followed by Lady B who sang “Open D Hole”, which the crowd enjoyed.

Things started to heat up when Peacock came on stage, but had to explain the meaning of his controversial song which amused the crowd.

Newcomer Leyona kept the crowd entertained with her song titled “Do Unto Others,” with a very energetic performance.

King Dice Performing "Teacher."

King Dice Performing “Teacher.”

Wuk Suk who became popular for his food oriented songs such as; “Finger Licking Chicken” and “Sharon Want a Hot Dog in Her Mouth”, switched things up this time around, as his new song is titled Your your Camera To Your Eye.”

One of the big songs for Calypso 2013 titled “Espoir Mal Pa Pai,” which means male paw paw trees was performed by the young and talented Trendsetter.

Vigilante who made it to the Calypso Finals for 2012, got in touch with his animal instinct as he came on stage dressed as a dog to perform “Hand Between Your Legs,” which was a crowd pleaser.

2012’s Road March King Sye who sang his song titled “Just for One Day,” targets the discrimination faced by police officers who serve and protect, while the criminals are the ones getting sympathy.

The song he says also sheds light on the dangers the officers’ face on a daily basis yet still they do not receive the recognition they deserve.

Performing directly after Sye was Derose singing “Bayo Ba Ba Len,” which sheds light on the December 2010 fire-bombing of Attorney Glensworth Emmanuel’s home, and how justice has not been served to this day, although a known criminal fully confessed to committing the act.

This was one of the best performances of the night which the crowd fully enjoyed.

New comer Daddy Miller certainly did not disappoint when he performed his controversial song “Illegal Calypso King.”

Other calypsonians for the night were De Bobb, Soul Puss, while 5 time Calypso King, Dennison Dice Joseph brought down the curtains on the event.

Sye Performing “Just for One Day.”

Sye Performing “Just for One Day.”

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