Showdown Mas Camp’s Venue Has Changed


Daryl Bobb

Daryl Bobb

In an attempt to clarify rumours which have been circulating about a possible change of venue of the Showdown Mas Camp Calypso Competitions, a press conference was held by the organizers on Thursday January 10th.

Just like at The Harlem Plaza, there will be a V.I.P area and all who attend will be accommodated comfortably, says Daryl Bobb.

He also pointed out that they are currently in discussions with the Principal of the Dominica Grammar School to organize parking for patrons attending the shows.

Vehicle owners can feel safe parking their vehicles in town, as the venue is near the Police Station, and there will not be the traffic congestion like there was at the Harlem Plaza in Newtown.

President of Showdown Mas Camp, Mr. Pat Aaron revealed that the venue change was not something they wanted to do, but they were forced to do so.

Mr. Aaron says that Mas Camp supporters will get no less of the action they have been receiving over the years.

He stated that most if not all their calypsonians are onboard such as King Dice, De Bobb, Soul Puss, Vigilante, Trendsetter, Sugar S, Wuk Suk, Q Talent Search Winner Rachel, and Sye.

President of Showdown Mas Camp, Pat Aaron

President of Showdown Mas Camp, Pat Aaron

Mr. Aaron stated that Mas Camp has been facing a number of challenges, one of which is changing their venue which is a huge task, but they are working hard to overcome all challenges they are facing and will face in the future.

He said he will keep all shows at an affordable price so all calypso lovers can attend, as they are aware that the global financial crisis has affected many people.

Mr. Aaron pointed out that their calypsos which he has listened to so far, are on point and will certainly put on entertaining shows for their fans.

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