Sidewalks to be Rehabilitated in Roseau

His worship Cecil Joseph - Mayor of Roseau

His worship Cecil Joseph – Mayor of Roseau

Using revenue generated from the house taxes collected by the Roseau City Council, Mayor of Roseau, His worship Cecil Joseph says, the Council has begun work on improving the sidewalks in the city.

He said, the Council has always made the promise to the people that, once they receive revenue from them, a percentage from that revenue will go towards assisting in the development of the city.

The sidewalk will be made from concrete slabs, which will begin at the Canefield Bus Stop.

This is just another project by the Council to improve the image of the city.

Sidewalks in Roseau

Sidewalks in Roseau

He did not give a duration period for the project, as he said there are a number of factors that could possibly halt and re-start the works including finance and or other important projects.

The Mayor says, persons, living in the areas where the sidewalks are being constructed, will be asked for contribution to assist in purchasing material for the project.

Persons or business organizations wishing to assist whether in cash, or material donations for this initiative can call the Roseau City Council on telephone number; 448-2973.

If the drivers have pride for their city, he added, they will not use the sidewalks to park their vehicles and exceed its weight limit thus damaging it.

Sidewalk in Roseau

Sidewalk in Roseau

The first phase of the project will cost an estimated $16,000, however the Mayor did not give an estimate on the total cost of the project.










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