Silver Lake Resident Escapes Jail

prisonA man from Silver Lake has escaped jail time, subsequent to stealing grapes from a fruit store in Roseau.

Twenty-one year old Curtson Charles appeared before Magistrate Evelina Baptiste on Monday August 19th, on three charges of theft of grapes from Fruits Plus.

He pleaded guilty to all charges.

According to the facts of the case, on August 6th, 13th and 15th, the defendant stole a portion of grapes valued at $60.00 on the days in question.

A report on the incident was made by the owner of Fruits Plus, Philbert Letang and Charles was detained.

Although Charles had denied the allegations made against him, he later admitted to eating the grapes, but said he did not steal it.

Before handing down her sentence, Magistrate Baptiste asked Charles why she should not send him to prison.

He pleaded for a non-custodial sentencing instead.

Charles was charged $1950.00 in fines, and $180.00 in compensation to Fruits Plus by January 31st 2014, or in default, spend 11 weeks in prison.

In more Court News;

Denrick Roger of Laudat, has been fined $20, 000, after he was charged with the possession and cultivation of 123 cannabis plants.

On Saturday 17th August, 55 year old Denrick Royer was arrested, at about 9:30 a.m. at his house.

Mr. Royer pleaded guilty to both charges, when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Evelina Baptiste on August 19th.

According to the facts of the case, police officers, while on patrol, inhaled a strong cannabis aroma and noticed plants that appeared to be marijuana.

When the defendant was questioned by police, he explained that it was just some greens that were placed outside to dry.

Police Prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes, informed the court that the plants were growing in a wooden box near the defendants house.

Royer admitted to the Police that the cannabis and land belonged to him.

Defense attorney Wayne Norde, solicited leniency for his client as a first time offender.

He asked the court to take into consideration that his client did not waste the courts time by pleading guilty, and claimed the marijuana and the land on which it was found.

Prior to sentencing, Magistrate Baptiste emphasized on the ails of drugs to society.

Royer was ordered to pay $4000.00 by January 31, 2014 on the possession of cannabis charge, or in default, spend six months in prison.

He was also charged $16,000.00 for the cultivation of cannabis by January 31st, 2014 or in default spend 11 months in prison


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