Simon Bolivar Remembered on 182nd Anniversary of his Death


Statue of Simon Bolivar

Liberator of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Mr. Simon Bolivar was remembered on the 182nd anniversary of his death, with a special wreath ceremony which took place on Monday December 17th at Simon Bolivar Square in Goodwill.

Mr. Bolivar’s life continues to be celebrated by Venezuelan people, for his role in liberating the countries of Venezuela, Bolivia, Panama, Peru, Columbia and Ecuador from Spanish rule in the 19th century.

At the ceremony the last proclamation of Mr. Bolivar was read out to the people in attendance.

His prominence prevails due to his fight for peace, unity and independence for his people.

In his proclamation Mr. Bolivar also urged Colombians to work together for the good of the union, as his wish is that the people obeying the present Government to be free from anarchy.

Venezuelan Ambassador to Dominica, Carmen Martinez de Grijalva, says this day was very important as it paid tribute to a leader of independence and freedom, while stating the prevailing ideas of Mr. Bolivar will to continue to serve as inspiration to his people.


Venezuelan Ambassador to Dominica, Carmen Martinez de Grijalva

Ms. Martinez stated Simon Bolivar should not be seen only as a leader of a successful military venture, but also as a politician and man of state who fought for freedom and social justice.

The ceremony included the laying of two wreaths which were done by Mr. Paul Moses, Deputy General Manager of PDV- Caribbean/ Dominica Limited and the Venezuelan Ambassador to Dominica, her Excellency Carmen Martinez De Grijalva at this annual event to commemorate Bolivar’s achievements.

Mr. Simon Bolivar was born in 1783 and died in 1830.

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