Sineku Primary School Students Return to School

IMG_4933-685x320Students of the Sineku Primary School have returned to school, the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) has said.

The PTA took a decision last Wednesday to keep their children at home following an incident of vandalism at the school.

The decision to return the children to the classroom on Tuesday May 20th came following a successful meeting with senior officials of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development along with Carib Chief, Garnett Joseph and Parliamentary Representative for the Salybia Constituency Honourable Ashton Graneau, on Monday.

Meanwhile, Acting Chief Education Officer Melena Fontaine appealed to parents to assist in “preventing persons in the community from vandalizing the school.”

“We have to work with the teachers and principals and as a body decide how we are going to address the issue of vandalism at your school,” Fontaine stated.

The Ministry also assured parents that the school’s plumbing issue would be addressed within the week, as a plumber, contracted in April, has already provided an assessment of the school’s needs and is ready to begin work.

Acting Head of the Education Planning Division, Nathaline Constance, said the Sineku Primary school was on the priority list for summer works to include the installation of burglar bars and new windows as well as the repair of a core house at the school.

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