Six Lifetime Awards presented at the DFA Annual Prize-Giving and Awards Ceremony


Six lifetime awards were part of the many awards presented, when the Dominica Football Association held its annual prize-giving and awards ceremony on Saturday, June 18th, 2011.

At the ceremony, footballers, clubs, associations and sponsors were recognized for their achievement and support during the 2009/2010 football season.

President of the Dominica Football Association, Mr Patrick John told the ceremony that football goes beyond merely ‘kicking a ball’, and so, the Association is pleased to be recognizing these sports enthusiasts.

‘Football is not just about kicking a ball. Football is about the development of character. It is a sport that is used as a means of developing the people who play it. Football has a role in the education of the players, that is why the DFA has a scheme whereby it assist students with their CXCs’, says John.

General Secretary of the National Olympic Committee, Mr Thomas Dorset says the committee is pleased to be association with the Dominica Football Association, as they work together to develop the sport of football.

According to him, the committee will be initiating a number of programmes during the new football season, aimed at developing the knowledge and skills of both players and coaches.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, Honorable Justina Charles pledged the government’s support in creating new avenues for Dominican footballers to develop their skills and participate in more regional and international competitions.

She believes that the awards ceremony should serve as motivation to both current and potential footballers.

‘The Ministry of Culture is committed to developing all sports on the island, and football is no exception. We want our players to go out there and perform even better next year, to make us proud on the honor list’, says Charles.

Lifetime Awards were presented to Miss Juliania Frederick , Mr Augustus Griffith, Mr Joffre Faustin, Mr Andy Burchard, Harlem United Sports Club and the Kensboro Sports Club.

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