Slam Poet Takes Dominica by Storm


Poet, Whitney Greenaway

Whitney Greenaway a poet, showcased her skills and talent at the activities of the Literary Festival, which was hosted from August 9th to the 11th, and says her passion for poetry started at a very early age.

Ms. Greenaway, who was born in the United States, but spent most of her primary years in Dominica with her grandmother, said her Caribbean cultured background has had a positive impact on her writing.

She said ninety percent of her poems speak about her memories and experiences in Dominica.

Her aim is to pursue a degree in creative writing.

To the youth who have a passion for poetry, she encouraged them to read – to enhance their vocabulary, be persistent in their writing, and to get it critiqued.

Throughout her performances at the literary festival, Ms. Greenaway said that the public was very receptive when she performed.

“What kind of woman are you?” Is a poem that Whitney wrote inspired by Jamaica Kincaid.

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