Slippery Road Causes Vehicular Accident


Slippery Road Causes Vehicular Accident

One vehicle suffered some significant damage while the driver was on his way to the village of Soufriere, on Sunday July 4th.

According to reports, the vehicle, a three door Suzuki Escudo jeep, registration number PG048, overturned before a corner.

The driver lost control as a result of loose sand, left in the corner of the road, following a clean up after the passage of tropical storm Chantal.


Slippery Road Causes Vehicular Accident

The vehicle came to a stop in a gutter, where the rear window in addition to the windshield as well as other glasses was shattered.

The roof also caved in.

The identity of the driver is unknown however we do hope that the individual is safe and did not suffer any injuries.

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